mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

Scottish rugby and the Autumn Tests

Highlights on Scottish Rugby- Some tips about Scottish Rugby after the Test Match serie.
(many thanks to Graham Law*)
PHOTO: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PH. Alessandro Fornasetti

*Graham Law | Head of Media | Scottish Rugby-

Q. What do you expect from the next part of the season from this team?:

R.In our Autumn Tests we showed we could be competitive against the top two teams in the world, New Zealand and South Africa, the game against the World Cup holders underlining that we are capable of beating sides of that calibre, and that is our collective mindset, which we will take in to the 2009 RBS 6 Nations Championship.

You look at the world’s best teams and the trait that they all have is consistency. Too often in the past supporters have been unaware of what sort of performance they’ll see from the Scotland team. Over the last three weekends I reckon we’ve produced three performances where we have showed some good things. If we do that consistently, then, hopefully, we will be able to improve our win to loss ratio.

q.The scrum worked very well in the first test match, are u paving the way to have a first-in-class scrum for the future?

R. We have seen an improvement in our ability to compete with teams physically at both the setpiece at and at contact areas. Our scrummage is improving and we will look for that improvement to continue.

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